XMLReader is the program that takes data from Excel file (the program supports "old" XLS and "new" XML-based format of Office Excel 2007) and print them on the standard output. The transformation process, how and which data will be converted, is defined by configuration file. The configuration file describes the "transformation formula". The program is primary aimed for task like getting data from standardized forms, etc.

1. Invocation

XMLReader is JAVA application, therefore is necessary to have at least Java version 1.5 installed.
[For Java installation see page http://www.java.com.]
To invoke XMLReader program from the command line, enter the program name followed by arguments:

java -jar XLSReader -conf property_file file


  • property_file - contains properties for data transformation

  • file - Excel file with data

2. Property file

Property file contains properties nullValue and mask:

  • the nullValue property defines text returned when the cell is blank or empty

  • the mask property describes the "data transformation process", the mask property should contains any text. When the "tag" ${cell:format} occurs, then the transformation process puts value from the cell in defined format instead of the tag. The cell addressing is the same like Excel has, e.g. C22 means cell in row 22 and in column C. The format has the next values:

Format Description


the actual value is converted to int


the actual value will be trimmed


if actual value is null/blank than the value from nullValue property is returned

There is possibility to use any combination of formats like IT, ITB, BI, …

3. Appendix A: Example

mask=Hello world. My name is ${C22:T} ${C23:BT}

The example of configuration file above means: On the output the program prints "Hello world. My name is " followed by value from cell C22, then space and then value from cell C23. The both cells are trimmed and the last one returns value NOTHING when the cell is empty.