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Gizela 1.0 software project provides

  • reading adjustment of geodetic network from program gama-local v. 1.9 (xml results) with covariance matrix
  • computing statistical quantities for coordinate displacement test
  • drawing error ellipses and displacement ellipses (with Matplotlib]
  • source code on GitHub

Install from source

Clone with git:

git clone git://

Build Python package:

cd gizela
python sdist

Install package:

easy_install dist/Gizela-_'version'_-tar.gz

Install with easy_install

Go to Gizela pypi page. Download tarball and install:

easy_install Gizela-_"version"_.tar.gz

Or simply use easy_install without previous download:

easy_install Gizela

Coordinate displacement test

Use script:



Gizela Trac (authorized access)